FTC Pacers announced for Tom Walker Half Marathon

October 07, 2016 12:35 PM | Richard Garand (Administrator)

The Florida Track Club will provide half marathon pacers for the Tom Walker Half Marathon for several popular finish time goals.

Now you can get to know your fellow FTC members who have donated their time to help pace fellow runners:

Patrick Gallagher - 1:30

I have been running distance races for over 15 years. I have completed 25+ marathons and ultramarathons as well as quite a few shorter races. I was the coach/coordinator of the Train2Run training program for over three years. I am the Race Director for the Gate2Gate Trail Run and organizer of the Two Rules Running Club. I have paced people in races ranging from 5k's to 100 mile ultramarathons. love helping other people achieve their running goals.

Maude Laberge - 1:45

I have been running since 2008, first very casually and eventually as part of triathlon, racing all distances. In the past year, I participated mostly in local community races and I am currently training for the marathon distance.

Mike Upton - 1:45

I'm married with two daughters, 3 and 5 years of age, and live right here in Gainesville, FL. Since moving here about 8 years ago I've ran several half marathons and even conquered a full in 2014 at 3:31:11. I really enjoy the half marathon distance with a PR of 1:31:54. I've never ran as a pacer before but have always thought that it would be fun helping ours cross that finish line. I'm extremely excited for this opportunity and always look forward to a race and the atmosphere that comes with it.

Michael Dougherty - 2:00

I have been running for four years and have ran several marathons and half marathons with a half marathon PR of 1:24:43 at the Tom Walker half last year. I have lived in Gainesville for a year now since finishing my graduate degree in North Dakota, and love living in a city with such an active running community and complete lack of snow and ice! The Tom Walker half marathon is one of my favorite races in particular, as the Hawthorne trail is where I do a large majority of my running these days. In most marathons I run I love being part of a pace group; the comradery of the group and experience of a good pacer is often integral to running a smart, fun race. I'm hoping I can return the favor and help some people achieve their half marathon goals at an awesome event.

Gordon Anderson - 2:15 (Intervals)

Have run Tom Walker twice. Run 25 marathons (4:20-5:30 range), over 40 half marathons (1:52-2:25) since 2004. 3 years living in Gainesville, previously from Miami. Wetland Scientist, 20 years in the Everglades.

Srinivas Pinnamaneni - 2:15

Srinivas believes he has transformed from an atypical runner by developing his art of running over the last six months. He attributes his growth to the guidance of Rick Swanson and friends in Asha Gators Running Club. He never misses a weekly run and has prospered from his consistency in training. When he’s not running, he enjoys hiking,paddling trails with the UF Adventure Club. I have served as a Five Points of Life pacer in 2016 and participated in 2016 Gate river run, Jacksonville.

John Cartell - 2:30 (Intervals)

Started running in high school then started again in my 20's then job and family interfered started running seriously after running have always liked running especially Galloway method.

Keith Singleton - 2:30

Keith started running 5 years ago after he saw how much fun his wife and kids were having doing 5Ks together. Since then he has participated in a number of running events including eleven half marathons and two full marathons (the last being part of the Goofy and Dopey Challenges at Disney World). He attributes running together as the reason why his family is so close. He really enjoys pacing with his wife for long distances and with his kids for shorter races.

Angela Singleton - 2:45 (Intervals)

Angela began running in junior high to improve endurance on the tennis court, and simply never stopped. She completed her first half and full marathons several years later, after becoming a mother. With three Ragnar Relays, four Goofy Challenges, a Dopey Challenge, seven full marathons, over 50 half marathons, and a few triathlons/duathlons under her belt, she uses her experience to encourage others to pursue their running and fitness goals by leading a local chapter of Moms Run THIS Town/She Runs THIS Town, supporting/directing the US Road Running Ambassador Program, directing the Five Points of Life Pace Team, and volunteering at races. One of her favorite race activities, however, is to pace. Her pacing experience includes Five Points of Life in Gainesville, FL (4 years straight), Disney Half Marathon, Treasure Coast Half Marathon in Stuart, FL, and Shipyard’s Portland Half in Portland, ME covering finishing times from 2:15-3:00.

Elizabeth Hanselman - 3:00 (Intervals)

Ten years after I was told by doctors that I could not do anything strenuous due to herniated discs, I ran the New York City marathon in 1981. Since then life happened and I didn't get "serious" until I joined Gainesville Galloway and the Florida Track Club in 2010. I'm currently the Program director of the former and President of the latter with a goal of being and setting the example for "seasoned" women everywhere.

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