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Florida Track Club Race Scholarship

Goal: To financially support athletes within the Florida Track Club when representing the Club at races.



Total Funds: $500 allotted biannually ($1000 per year)

Maximum allotment per individual per term: $100-250 (Recipients per term: 2-5)

Maximum allotment per individual per year: $250

Timeline       Each applicant may submit one (1) application per bi-annual term. The application must be submitted by 11:59 pm on November 1st, for races in January through June and by 11:59 pm on May 1st for races in July through December. The application includes a Questionnaire Form and a Budget Form. The applicant will be notified approximately two weeks after each deadline.

Reimbursement      The travel grant will be used to cover racing fees, transportation, and lodging. Other expenses, such as meals, souvenirs, etc. will not be reimbursed. The recipient of the award must keep all itemized receipts. After the event, they must fill out the reimbursement spreadsheet and submit all receipts through email to The awarded amount indicated prior to travel is the maximum amount the recipient will be reimbursed. If the individual doesn’t submit receipts they will receive $0.

Transportation        Plane fare can be reimbursed as long as the total funds for the trip do not exceed the allotment per individual per term ($100-250). Gas receipts from en route travel days and MapQuest/GoogleMap (etc.) directions to and from race will suffice for reimbursement.


Lodging         Lodging expenses can be reimbursed as long as the total funds for the trip do not exceed the allotment per individual per term ($100-250).

Expectations   If receiving a sponsorship, the participant is expected to:

1) Give an oral race report at a FTC meeting within 6 months of the event

2) Deliver a written race report  submitted to [Betsy]  for the FTC newsletter within 1 month of the event

3) Represent the Florida Track Club! Submit a photo wearing the Florida Track Club singlet at the race.


The application will be reviewed based on the following characteristics:

1) Active membership in FTC

2) The applicant’s prior service and involvement within the FTC and the Gainesville running community

3) The significance of this race to the individual

4) Competitive potential

5) Financial needs of participant

FTC 2015 Running Scholarship Application







Are you an active member of FTC? If so, how long have you been a member?

What other activities (especially fitness, running, and community service related) you are involved in, within the community and the state?

What are your running goals for this race, this season, and long term?

Please share why you would like to run this race and how the funds from FTC are important.

Are you willing to do an oral (within 6 months of event) and written race report (1 month following event) and wear the FTC singlet for a photo at the race?


Budget Spreadsheet (Application)

Applicant Name



Race Name


(Race name)

Date(s) of Race



Dates(s) of Travel



Location of Race



Race Entry Fee



Mode of Transportation



Approximated Distance


(x miles)

Approximated Travel Cost



Expected Accommodations



Approximated Lodging Cost






Total race cost




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    Completed applications should be emailed to the Scholarship Committee at:
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